Inspiring Home Interior Design with Wine Barrel

table of wine barrel Inspiring Home Interior Design with Wine Barrel

You may not consider using a barrel to create an interior design. It can be used as a stylish decorating element to animate your interiors. You can even consider wine barrel décor for your nearest project. In fact, a barrel is very beneficial. It can be used for lots of fun and interesting project to adorn your home interior design. This article will focus to talk about wine barrel décor to inspire you. You are permitted to freely express your creativity to accentuate your home with personal character and identity.

If you want to design your home interior design in a casual look, perhaps you will like this catchy idea. It is a stunning kitchen with an oval countertop. It is topped with lavish marble with an opulent look. The gallant table is supported by using two barrels which have a function as table legs. The barrel, in this case, is used as the island base with a wooden element at the front side. Each of those barrels supports the island countertop. Their display brings style to the kitchen interior design. The idea can be applied to a home with rustic style or as a workshop for the interior design.

kitchen barrel made of barrel Inspiring Home Interior Design with Wine Barrel

A similar idea can be incorporated with a barrel with furniture design. You need to prepare two barrels that also be used as table legs. They support a thin and long wooden table. Classic touch is brought by the polished furnishing on the wooden board surface; the item serves as a table. The tabletop is used to display the delicious food and delight beverages.

To create unique nightstand, use barrels y using two pieces of those items with two sides. You have to make sure that you have cut the item in a straight line. You can also use the top of two single barrels. Use and place them as your living room, reading corner or other room in your occupancy to decorate a interior design.

You can change the single barrel to be a beautiful mini garden. The first thing you need to do is to cut the barrel in a certain way to make three different levels. Use planks of wood to create a feature to the levels to divide each space as pot. Place your mini garden which is made of wine barrel décor in the main entrance, backyard, front yard or balcony as part of your inspiring both exterior and home interior design.


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