Inspiring Custom Built Fireplace Design for Your Home Design

If you have a limited budget to install custom built fireplace design and you already have the existing fireplace in living room, you can use the simplest way by giving it with a new custom look. It should coordinate with the rest of the chosen décor to make a new appearance for its surround. Wooden surrounds will bring a traditional ambiance especially if the material is allowed to emit its natural color and hue. Most joiners or carpenters can put together all in one of a surround for the client that will be in keeping with your home design. At the end, your new custom built fireplace design will be a unique focal point in the living room. Painted or stained wood surrounds will also work well in a living room with more modern and contemporary styling but you need to make sure that fire retardant paint is used.

Custom wood Built Fireplace Inspiring Custom Built Fireplace Design for Your Home Design

Let’s see our inspiring custom built fireplace design. It emits its natural charm of natural woodsy hue without any lacquered effect on the wood surface. Over the mantel of the custom built fireplace design, there is modest wall mirror. The width is almost similar with the size of the fireplace mantel. From the reflection on the mirror, we can see an elegant crystal chandelier which is hung on the ceiling. We also will see some artistic paintings which are mounted on the white wall.  The top of fireplace mantel is used to place some decorative ornaments such as a clock, glass, vase and much more.

A simple lintel which is held in place by carved corbels brings a new life into the existing fireplace in this living room. If you want a custom built fireplace design without a large surround and with a minimalist look, you can use some plain corbels with a nice lintel. That is the entire thing you need. Wooden surround will make their appearance look great and can be incorporated into the existing surround’s design too. Don’t you think it is good news? I think so. I’m sure that you will definitely agree with me. Don’t forget to put a bunch of fire over your custom built fireplace design.


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