Inspiring Bluish Home Decor by Andrew Howard

subtle master bedroom Inspiring Bluish Home Decor by Andrew Howard

The master bedroom of this inspiring bluish home décor, the wallpaper is in subtle hue by Phillip Jeffries while the ceiling light in this personal room is by Coleen & Company. It has a gallant and huge bed frame with elegant tufted headboard. A symmetrical display is created by the window treatments and night stands with the bed frame in the middle. The nightstands are so elegant with white carving accents. Even, they have stunning glass tops with additional storage. At the bed foot, there is a bench in white upholstery. Beautiful orange flowers on vase with the table lamps have animated the symmetrical display.

stunning bluish guest bedroom Inspiring Bluish Home Decor by Andrew Howard

The guest bedroom of this bluish home décor, the window shade is in Quadrille’s Java Grande. It was repurposed from panels that the family had in their New York flat. The custom table is skirted with cotton duck in a Duralee. It becomes a favorite spot of hide-and-seek for the kids. The table top is used to place a bunch of yellow flowers with a lovely white table lamp. The bluish accent in this guest bedroom is decorated by intricate pattern. Even, all the furnishings are depicted in blue and white. Now, let’s see the kids’ bunk room.

white kids bedroom Inspiring Bluish Home Decor by Andrew Howard

Amy Wacaster, the homeowner of this bluish home décor is in this bunk room with her lovely kids; Gigi and Harris. The white beds and also the slide are custom made and the flooring in this bunk room is engineered wood tile, from Mirth Studio. In the ceiling hub, there is a white pendant lamp that illuminates this space in an elegant way. A ladder is added to the bunk that allows the kids to reach the upper bed while the slider permits them to reach the lower bed in a fun and easy way. All in all, the bunk room in the bluish home décor chooses a minimalist accent for its décor. There is only a painting of bicycle in the upper bunk bed. Let’s move to the patio after seeing this inspiring white bunk room.

porch of andrew howard Inspiring Bluish Home Decor by Andrew Howard

This bluish home décor has a cozy porch. It becomes a part of the dining area that features a teak table and wicker armchairs from Kingsley-Bate. A cushioned sofa is nestled next to the open window with rustic brick wall. Add some lovely cushions on the sofa to have a ultimate in enjoying the garden of this bluish home décor.


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