Impressive Simple Dining Nook

 Impressive Simple Dining Nook

Breakfast is an important activity you need to do every morning. Breakfast give you the energy to start the day and face the world in front of you. Why do I say such a thing? Because without breakfast you will be out of energy, lose the focus and concentration, and cannot do the work properly. So, spend more time have some breakfast every day. Maybe you can redecorate your dining nook to make this area more attractive and inviting. Then you will excite every time you see this area and consider having breakfast every day.

At the picture above you will see an interesting dining nook. It looks so simple with white colored wall and everything in white color include ceiling, table, chair, and the wall itself. Even the lighting feature has the same color, white. This custom eat-in table designed to seat a family of five. Probably, if you are an expressive person, you will find it boring due to the same color in almost the entire stuff inside the dining nook. But, if you are a person who likes calm and relax atmosphere this kind of dining nook design are meant to you.

This dining nook is a perfect design of dining nook, why? Because the dining nook needs to place in the area which is filled with light. The wide window is necessary to make the meal time to be the most interesting activity. Gone is eat at the dark place, you will be difficult to see your own meal and you cannot see your partner.

Although you use this dining nook in the morning, you still need to put lighting above the dining table. This kind of chandelier is simple and gives you plenty light to make the dining room looks bright. Not only help you to see the meal but also brighten the entire room. Highlight the dining nook with the unique design, the design inspired by atom structure, which is so cute and adorable. Look well together with the gold metal arm, this chandelier look so elegant and eye-catchy. The whole dining looks itself so impressive with white dominant color.


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