Impressive Shore House Design with Natural Textures and Color Pops

At the shore house design of Anthropologie founder, a talented designer, Colleen Bashaw who has conjured a riot of boho quirk and also breezy seaside ambiance. Magically, the dwelling is a 100-year-old Tudor home that she conjures into an impressive shore house design with fresh and bright rooms. The Tudor is located in Bay Head, New Jersey. From New York City, you can reach the charming seaside town only for an hour and a half. Her clients had their eye for the Tudor for years and finally, in 2012, it went on the market. A week before Hurricane Sandy, they signed a contract for the Tudor. When arriving in the house, Bashaw found water still dripping from the rafters. But in this way, it is such a good thing to allow us to take down walls and also open up the shore house design. The exterior of this boho retreat survived intact while the interior was wiped out completely.

living room in boho decor Impressive Shore House Design with Natural Textures and Color Pops

All the projects of Bashaw are commonly so eclectic like and this boho retreat is too. She feels that she has been fortunate to work on decorating assignments wide range from homes for personal necessities and need for clients to hotels like Baron’s Cove in Sag Harbor and Congress Hill in Cape May. Bashaw commonly tries so hard to make each of her projects its own such what we will see in this tranquil boho retreat. This time, the shore house design belongs to Scott Blair as her client with his wife, Bayne. He is the cofounder of Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Then, his wife e-mailed Bashaw to ask if she would work on this shore house design and it took her literally around five seconds to say yes. Bashaw has been an Anthro junkie since day one and her client really has an open mind and also an appreciation for the unique like we have seen in this tranquil boho retreat.

boho kitchen style Impressive Shore House Design with Natural Textures and Color Pops

Like what we will see in this shore house design, the superchic scalloped hood in the kitchen. Yes, it is a fact that the designer often incorporates scalloping in the hotel cabanas she designs. The item has a retro vibe but in another hand, it feels very now. Bashaw has proposed the idea of the scalloped hood to her multiple clients over the years but Bayne was her first client who said yes. The idea was so easy to execute by cutting the thin stainless steel shape out by the metalworkers. Bashaw also has one made for her own house too besides for this impressive house shore design.


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