Impressive Room Interior Decor in Orange and Black

orange bedroom Impressive Room Interior Decor in Orange and Black

This impressive guest room interior decor has accents of orange bedding that brighten the entire space. This cozy room is a part of a row house which was built in San Francisco. The designer of this project, Benjamin Dhong said that he did not like Crayola colors but he did really love orange. This color is happy and perky. To make a statement in your room interior decor, you don’t need to make a lot of efforts. And in addition, this color looks so good with brass. All in all, this room interior decor has a modest look with soft white to paint the surfaces of the wall backdrop.

The wooden bed frame is painted in subtle woodsy hue without glossy effect. A decorative ornament is attached over the headboard that steals anyone attention with its unique feature. The side table is also painted in white with additional storage beneath the table top. Some ornaments, small statue, table lamp and also a vase are placed on the surface of the side table. Each room interior decor in this row house has its own interesting personal narrative.

black bedroom Impressive Room Interior Decor in Orange and Black

The room interior decor of this private space emits the moody and eclectic feel of Stephen Shubel, the designer of his own project. He bought some flea-market finds and mounted them against the black wall in his bedroom. Those attractive decorative items have added the artistic value to the wall décor. We can see some statues, a mirror with golden frames and some framed-ornaments. Over the bed, wallpaper with Genuine Fake Books by Deborah Bowness has created an illusion of larger space in this cramped room. To ensure your ultimate comfort when you sleep, comforter and pillowcases in striped are by West Elm placed on the bed.

This room interior decor has an elegant black color for the wall backdrop and also touches of white for the doors. A side table with idyllic feature is placed nearby the bed. This small side table only can be used to accommodate table lamp and some small items. The homeowner places his books on the floor thus anytime he wants to read his favorite books, he can take them easily. A shabby rug with intricate floral pattern is used to cover the surface of the floor.


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