Impressive Office Building Concept with Pyramidal Feature

metropark office building Impressive Office Building Concept with Pyramidal Feature

The massive renovation has been done in a large and wide scale to this impressive five-storey structure with office building concept. It was built in New Jersey, USA; the location is precisely in Iselin. The project was accomplished by architect KPF with an inspiring final result. The large structure was constructed on ten thousand square meters or a hundred and ten thousand square foot area. The originally-shaped office building with pyramidal feature is dubbed as Centra Metropark.

The office building concept of Centra Metropark optimizes the use of asymmetrical truss and tree column to support the fourth floor. The floors are an additional extended project and the extension floor offers a signature feature of this project. In the fourth level, there is suspended floor that carves a rectangular hole in its hub that permits the daylight to illuminate the ground floor precisely in the grand entrance plaza. The hole offers sufficient daylight to the main entrance.

The pyramidal feature and landscape surrounding the area features an obvious distinction to the site. Glass element is the defining feature of the office building concept that inspires openness and dynamics. With the sophisticated and futuristic approach, the designers and team managed to actualize a structure that stands out dashingly among its commercial environment. The interior decors are modern and minimalist accentuated and characterized by a subtle color palette.

The rooftop cantilevered is covered by the wood element in earthy timber color.  The earthy tone underneath has increased the inviting ambiance to a major entrance space. That cantilevers stand out with the prominent dashing structure. The spacious front area with terraced pathway welcomes anyone warmly in modern clear lines. The big roof features a massive pyramidal form with one of its sides as the façade with large front yard.

The indoor garden animates the inner spaces with garden plants in neat array. Pathway and pebbles are arranged in a certain way to actualize a neat and perfect display. The high wall in grayish hue frames the large garden of this impressive office building concept with white mosaic patterns. Those are the details that you can find in this inspiring office building with pyramidal feature.


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