Impressive Modern Bedside Tables Adding Function to a Home

floating nightstand Impressive Modern Bedside Tables Adding Function to a Home

Modern Bedside tables offer you simplicity, style, and function at the same time. Take a look this impressive example of wall-mounted shelves or nightstands to your personal room. It recently becomes a trend to add these kinds of modern bedside tables. Those furniture pieces are commonly mounted over an oversized headboard. This personal room uses shabby gray tone for the wall backdrop and floor. The floor is covered with carpet in shabby tone too i.e. beige with a sporadic motif. The extended wooden bed frame seems floating from the oversized headboard. The corner spot is the place for the artificial huge plant with a big pot.

Those kind modern bedside tables offer you many benefits. They really save your space with their mounted feature thus the body and legs of the tables will not spend much space. They look so simple and help you to place and reach anything you need nearby your mattress. Over the headboard or your modern bedside tables, you still can utilize the empty wall to install built-in shelves. They are really helpful to accommodate all your stuff, collections or items to stay need time to time. Moreover, all your items will look like a good display and become a part of your personal room decor.

wooden nightstand Impressive Modern Bedside Tables Adding Function to a Home

If you don’t want your modern bedside tables to be a focal point in your personal room, just consider adding a compact and simple design. This item is a perfect example to depict what I have mentioned before. Although this wooden piece has a very simple design with the natural woodsy look, it still looks stand out with its own way. You can utilize the tabletop to place some decorative ornaments which also have the modern touch. A floor lamp with a unique feature and design will be perfect to complete your minimalist and modern nightstand.

gold nightstands Impressive Modern Bedside Tables Adding Function to a Home

On the contrary, if you want to make a focal point with your modern bedside tables, the designs below should very easy to make what you want. There are two bedside tables which have a similar look like the crushed can of soft drink. Those modern furniture pieces have very shiny surfaces in gold tone that will become the center point when anyone enters this personal room.


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