Impressive Flat Plan Design in Tel Aviv with Modern Style

Flat Plan Design in Tel Aviv Impressive Flat Plan Design in Tel Aviv with Modern Style

This flat plan design was made by Chiara Ferrari Studio, an architectural firm which is based in London. The flat is located in Tel Aviv with the enchantment of modern style and simple interior design. It was built in old structure that no one will guess that its interior is in a contemporary style. When you see the main door in the front part, it exudes the traditional touch which is in contrast with the modern interior style. The architect got an inspiration by the impressive and rich architectural history in Tel Aviv city. This apartment has been renovated with the new flat plan design and it has been transformed into a new impressive look.

The property has been changed from an old building apartment to a modern flat plan design with rich characters. The focus of the architect is on renovating and redecorating the hundred and sixty sqm house. A garden on one side and also the street on the opposite, this flat has a well balanced design for both its interior and exterior. Large indoor lounge with an L-shaped sofa in beige hue will warmly welcome the guests. It completes the display of a pouf in the same color. A long coffee table of wood perfects the lounge display. A large open shelf is functioned to store book collections. It is also utilized as a partition that divided the dining area with the living space.

In this flat plan design, the furniture picks simple design in the clean geometric feature. It lacks unimportant decorative items. The interior design looks simple but has warm and inviting feeling despite the color palette use. The walls and ceiling are colored in white throughout the flat. Grey floor is shared by the spaces available in the property. The mix of white and gray makes the rooms in this stunning flat plan design feels spacious, bright and airy.

Local materials and construction techniques were intentionally used to the flat plan design and renovation. Everything was customized and hand-picked by the architect. This resulted in a stunning flat plat design with lots of rich character to its interior design.  You will see that the interiors a combination of walls, pale woods, concrete, a neutral color palette of grays and white.


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