Ideas of Applying Skylights in the Kitchen

In building a kitchen, there are many things that should be considered. One of the things that need consideration is the lighting of the kitchen. Lighting is important for the kitchen because it is a place where you prepare various meals so you need to make sure that the meals are well-cooked. Besides that, there are also many hazardous items in the kitchen such as knives, stoves, and so on, that’s why lighting is very important. Besides artificial lighting, natural lighting is also essential. You can provide natural lights in your kitchen by installing skylights in the ceiling. Here are some ideas of applying skylights in the kitchen.

Appealing Farmhouse Kitchen with a Skylight Ideas of Applying Skylights in the Kitchen

The first idea is applying a skylight in a farmhouse-tyle kitchen. You can install the skylight right above the stove. White can be used as the dominant color of your kitchen. It would be perfect to combine white with brown. You can use white as the color of the wall, ceiling, bottom cabinets, and countertop, while brown is used for the floor and window frames. As for the decoration, you can put cookbooks, decorative jars, small potted plants and displaying artworks. For the decoration, you can use bright colors to balance the look of your kitchen.

White Gray and Red Blend Harmouniously in a Lovely Kitchen Ideas of Applying Skylights in the Kitchen

You can also apply a skylight in a kitchen that uses white, gray and red as its color combination. The skylight can be install right in the middle of the kitchen’s ceiling. You can use white as the color of the wall, ceiling, wall-mounted shelves, countertops, and window frames. As for gray, it can be used for the bottom cabinets and red can be used as the color of the refrigerator. This red refrigerator can be made as the focal point of the kitchen. This way, the whole look of your kitchen will be bvery lovely.

Beautiful White Kitchen with Skylights Ideas of Applying Skylights in the Kitchen

The last idea is applying some skylights in an all-white kitchen. These skylights can be installed in one side of the kitchen’s ceiling. Applying more than one skylight will make this all-white kitchen look very bright and elegant. To complement the look, adding some large glass windows is also a great idea. To balance its look, you can use brown floor made of wood and black countertop. Besides that, you can also hang a white beautifully-designed chandelier above the kitchen island area.