Idea for Decorating Industrial Dining Room

Dining Space with Industrial Touches Idea for Decorating Industrial Dining Room

When you deciding to décor your home, you will find out that your dining room is a place that needs more attention than another room in your home. In fact, it is a place where you and your family spend lot time while enjoying the food. You need to give more effort and time to create the dining room. As you can see, the picture above shows you that dining room also your playground. You allow picking any furniture you like and doing mix-and-match.

Start from the chair which is colored in turquoise lightens up the dining look. Industrial touches that shown by the chair design make the dining room look. Mismatched chair goes well in harmony thanks to the main theme of “buy anything you like because any stuff will look good if you capable of making it work”. You can see by yourself that the long wooden bench looks good together with the turquoise stainless steel chair. And also the secondhand farm table looks amazingly match with mismatched chair surrounding.

Have you ever seen the giant pocket door before? You will surprise when seeing this dining room because the giant pocket door is the centerpiece of this dining room. Not use as the connecting doors between two rooms, instead, this is use as an accessory.   Surprisingly, it looks very awesome, unique, and extraordinary. This giant pocket door was come from an old warehouse and tidy up with map pennant. You can copy this concept by choosing the appropriate furniture at the garage sale at your neighborhood. Sometimes, you will get good kinds of stuff in the garage sale. Even you can also save your money but still get sophisticated redecoration.

The garage sale rug underneath the table turn the industrial look of the dining room into a rustic style but still looks good. The contrast color of the rug also adds the unusual touch to the dining room. However, get the stuff you like and the rest you can explore the extraordinary style, different than the other style you ever have seen before. Good luck with your new dining room, hope you will decorate it better.


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