How to Decorate Small Bathrooms with Some Interesting Ideas

all white bathroom with two large mirrors How to Decorate Small Bathrooms with Some Interesting Ideas

Spacious, clean, and simple. They are the common definitions that we think when the bathrooms are surrounded by white tones. White is pretty effective to make any room, including the bathroom, roomier. For some people, this color perhaps is not interesting because it looks too clinical. You can use the white color as a basic theme, then add some cheerful colors for the decorations. Remember for not being too tacky.

The example bathroom presented here is only embellished with white. A freestanding bathtub is placed close to the walls. For making the room a bit spacious, the toilet and vanity are installed in a floating way, sticking to the wall. The vanity is completed with a sink, a stainless metal faucet, and a cabinet. Your private stuff can be saved safely in this cabinet. There are two large mirrors. One is installed above the vanity whilst another is on the wall near the bathtub. There is a transparent shower box with a steam shower.

elegant white and purple bathroom with claw tub and chandelier How to Decorate Small Bathrooms with Some Interesting Ideas

Creating a bathroom as comfortable as possible can be a satisfaction for you. Every day, you enter the bathroom to do some activities like cleaning your body, defecating, and peeing. Or maybe, you only use this room to wash your hands or even just checking your makeup.

This bathroom is one of the stylish and elegant bathrooms which is decorated with gray and purple accents. What makes it even more beautiful is the chandelier that is hanging down from the molding ceiling. The selection of the interiors makes this bathroom look so classic. For an example, a clawfoot bathtub that is placed at the end of this room. Then, an ornate mirror on the wall above the metal-coated sink. This sink is mounted attaching to the wall but it also has two metal feets as the cantilevers. The covering of the toilet is black-colored and the urinal is also provided. The tiling floors are decorated with the pattern of polka dots. The chandelier is not the only lighting system to enlighten this bathroom. There are some wall sconces that look like an umbrella. The radiance that is produced by these lights is beautifully reflected on the violet walls.


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