Home Interior Lighting to Bring Warmer and Bigger Feel to the Rooms

When considering about the flow of rooms, atmosphere and ambiance in home interior lightings, lighting has an important role. Brighter light makes you feel awake and alert; where as a dimmer light; softer lighting is more relaxing and sleep-inducing. Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair’s Resident Expert is so kind hearted to share her tips to make your home interior lightings feel warmer and bigger by effectively using lighting.

1. Lighting tricks 1
Choose the bulbs carefully

The bulbs you choose for your home interior lightings should be bought more than an afterthought consideration, you need to race thru the supermarket when you aware that they have blown. Thus, you have to consider these following below:
a. The watts: how bright do you need to illuminate your home interior lightings?

b. The color temperature: What kind of atmosphere do you want to achieve? For example, lower temperature with its dim light is more similar to the candlelight while the higher temperature is more akin to the blue sky outside the home interior lightings.

c. Should you consider about the energy efficiency (used lights for more frequently) for the home interior lightings?

d. Do you try to make a focal statement or a design (with shape, scale or colors) for the home interior lightings?

2. Lighting tricks 2
Use spotlights to accentuate and highlight your favorite spots

You may use lighting fixture to subtly or even not so subtly focus on an architectural element, key possession or a feature wall such as you winged armchair or mahogany leather sofa. Wall mounted lighting fixtures can be arranged symmetrically on a statement mirror either side over the fireplace mantelpiece add sophistication, elegance, and warmth to your room.

3. Lighting tricks 3
Create a welcoming atmosphere with the home interior lightings.

pendant lamps in a dining room Home Interior Lighting to Bring Warmer and Bigger Feel to the Rooms

Spotlights will work well where they are pointed at the hub of the dining table to attract people’s attention in such as what is shown in the picture. Some pendant lamps are hung in a parallel line to follow the length of the dining table. Both of the lighting fixtures and also the wooden table have created a good display in a balanced way. Moreover, the homeowner chose pendant lamps with appealing design and feature. The lamps with bulbs are embraced by glass element with a translucent look.
Those are some lighting tricks by Nadia; hope they will be beneficial for you especially in illuminating your cozy dwelling.


Source            :              www.housebeautiful.com