Heavenly Japanese Style Bathroom with Green Plants

Heavenly Japanese Style Bathroom Design Ideas Heavenly Japanese Style Bathroom with Green Plants

Japanese bathroom can always draw the attention of many people because of its ability to keep the naturalness. For an example, this picture of Japanese style bathroom above. As you can see, there are so many fixtures which are made of from bamboo wood such as the floor, countertop, and mirror frames. Although many people said that wooden material is not resistant to water and it can easily be moldy, bamboo wood is an exception. Nevertheless, you still should take good care of it so that the fixtures can stay durable.  On the corner of the bathroom, there is a freestanding bathtub which is also close to the towel hanger. The floor whereby the bathtub is placed is higher from another floor. You need to pass through two stairs if you want to reach the bathtub. On the pristine white wall, you can also add a painting, such as a landscape, flower, tree, or another painting that can emphasize more the naturalness in the bathroom.

Besides a painting, there is another thing which is more charming and also stands out in this bathroom. This bathroom has a mini garden in it. The mini garden is also planted with some greenery plants on the green grass. Moreover, near the mirror, there is also palm plant which is planted in the black pottery. A doormat on the floor which has a green color like the greenery plants around there is very harmonious with the nature theme. Furthermore, a dark-patterned rug lets you spend your time enjoying this green scenery while sitting or taking a rest after you have bathed.

Two bowl-shaped sinks are also available on the countertop. These sinks have two faucets which are minimalist yet modern. They all include one set with two wood-framed mirrors on the wall which have a length from floor to ceiling. Between these two mirrors, there is a dark brown hand towel. So, when you are finished washing your hands, you can wipe them using this towel. A protruding black stone feature wall makes a difference nuance too in the bathroom. Because of this black color stone, the bathroom looks more elegant.


Source           :          www.decoist.com