Hand-Crafted Furniture Ideas at BKLYN Designs

Long month celebration of art and design in New York City includes the borough of Brooklyn which held BKLYN Designs on the NYCXDESIGN inaugural weekend. Having become the hub for artisans and craftspeople, Brooklyn becomes a fitting site for an innovation design and creativity show in home decor and furniture. Homedit perused the fair and found lots of wood, with the imaginative reuse the new technology touch. You can find a lot of inspiring hand-crafted furniture ideas there.

CAUV Design

CAUV Design Hand Crafted Furniture Ideas at BKLYN Designs

The first grouping of stunning wood pieces was by CAUV Design. Custom designs hand-crafted furniture ideas were created by Artisan Joe Cauvel for his clients by using mainly sustainable hardwoods. He looked for all the sources needed by himself. Even better, he makes a donation for every piece he sells to an organization which focuses in planting trees in forests especially that have been damaged. It is the idyllic “Cave” Credenza which is made of Shou sugi ban white oak, blackened steel and topography black walnut. It has a steel inlay top and the perforated grill is made from steel too. Cauvel has also start creating art pieces which are made from the materials he uses such as these pieces that include metal, concrete and wood. It is a minimalist and modern art piece that you can use as hand-crafted furniture ideas to adorn your home decor.

Christopher White Designs

Chistopher white wooden chair Hand Crafted Furniture Ideas at BKLYN Designs

white desk of christopher Hand Crafted Furniture Ideas at BKLYN Designs

Trained designer and Belgian-born Christopher White is a trained woodworker classically who derives an inspiration from natural beauty and charm. His pieces exhibition a skill that permits the beauty of the wood to take center stage. White’s dining chair is made from some types of traditional mortise, wood and tenon joints. Particularly, the inlaid stripe is nice. It is called as a laptop desk but a great desk for smaller rooms no matter how use it, the item features three different wood types: bird eye maple, zebra wood and walnut. Tapered legs are coated in contrasting wood.

Live edge furniture

tree slice coffee table Hand Crafted Furniture Ideas at BKLYN Designs

Live edge furniture is always great and cool but White’s Slice Coffee table is thanks to the joinery. The salvaged slice sections are held together with threaded steel rods which offer an industrial contrast to the natural piece of wood. Hairpin legs give a modern touch. Take a closer look to the steel rods. It is so beautiful. Those are some hand-crafted furniture ideas to inspire you.


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