Gray Kitchen Inspiring Designs Offering Warm Ambiance

gray kitchen idea Gray Kitchen Inspiring Designs Offering Warm Ambiance

Basically, gray is pastel black which seems only natural that you will lean towards other shades in the gray kitchen. You can choose a calming choice for your gray kitchen inspiring ideas such as the light green kitchen backsplash. You could also go with a mix of a blending blue or even the blush pink. Whatever your choice, it will be charming against the gray walls. To strengthen the shabby chic look, you can add a decorative wall mirror over the tiled backsplash. Moreover, that decorative piece reflects the shadow of a brick wall at the opposite side of this cooking space. A hook will be a functional piece to hang the kitchen utensils such as knives and scissors. It will also help you to manage the neat look in your kitchen.

gray kitchen with yellow cabinets Gray Kitchen Inspiring Designs Offering Warm Ambiance

If you want to decorate your cooking space with gray kitchen designs, it will be a wise decision. Gray definitely can be an invitation to infuse any kitchen with bright hues as well. If you feel this color is too overwhelming, just take a note from this inspiring Swedish kitchen and you can paint the cabinets in a bright color too that will complement the dusky walls. The empty space in the hub can be used to set the dining area with stylish dining sets such as the armless chairs and a round dining table. How if we look for other gray kitchen designs for more inspirations?

gray rustic kitchen Gray Kitchen Inspiring Designs Offering Warm Ambiance

Do you realize that not all bricks are in rusty red? Yes, you’re right. There are bricks with the colors of cream, gray and black as well. When you deal with those brick for your gray kitchen designs, Dawn Hearn Interior Designs has taught us to go for the color in the spaces without bricks. Wall cabinetry, they will look captivating against the brick pattern. Moreover, the brick wall not only can be used for the walls but also for the floors. If you do so, it will strengthen the shabby feel to the cooking space. To avoid a heavy look, just add an island in the hub of the space with wooden material rather than marble. From our prime gray kitchen designs, which one is your favorite? Let us know.


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