Gray Kitchen Ideas and Designs with Warm Fuzzies

gray kitchen with machine cabinet Gray Kitchen Ideas and Designs with Warm Fuzzies

Well, when we hear the word of gray, we will automatically remember the rainy days, grandma’s hair and also the warm sweaters. Gray brings the warm fuzzies to us with its homey color. If you decorate your cooking space with gray kitchen ideas and designs, it might just be one of the best options especially if you want to bring the neutral look of a cozy kitchen for the whole family members to flock to. As we commonly know that to optimize each inch of space available, an L-shaped cabinet still is one of the best choices. Then, the hub can be used to place the kitchen island. Besides the warm ambiance which is emitted by the gray color of those walls and kitchen cabinetry, we can also feel the elegant touch from the countertops both of the cabinetry and the island in this cooking space.

warm gray kitchen idea Gray Kitchen Ideas and Designs with Warm Fuzzies

When you want to decorate your gray kitchen designs and ideas in a modern look which is also family friendly, white or black seems too stark when it comes to the options. Here is a prime example of Loves Interiors with gray with a much softer look. Yet, the color is still quite neutral to give modern sensibilities and metallic pops. Paying attention to the small kitchen island in this space, it has a niche which can be used to save the bar stools when they are not used. The additional space under the table top will give more flexibility for movements and traffic in the space and of course it gives a neat look especially when the users don’t use the seats. Since the gray kitchen designs and ideas use open plan concept, the dining area is set next to the island.

modern gray kitchen 1 Gray Kitchen Ideas and Designs with Warm Fuzzies

When your cozy home has wooden floors, for many times, it just makes sense to keep the rest of your home decor on the warm side. Just like when Johnston Park Interiors chose a lovely color of warm gray for both the cabinet and the walls. It is a perfect choice for the gray kitchen and designs to linger over your morning tea or coffee. Bring a pop color to one of the armless chairs of your dining set. So, which one is your preference of our today’s gray kitchen designs and ideas? Or maybe you have other colors for the kitchen designs and ideas to inspire us? Then, you can share it with us.


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