Grand Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas Influenced by French Style

bathroom decorating ideas with inlaid bathmats Grand Master Bathroom Decorating Ideas Influenced by French Style

Suites of Five-star hotel have influenced the guest bathroom in a lavish Dallas house of Betty Lou Philip. This cozy dwelling adopts the French style for its interior decoration. The style is straight out of the grand Parisian hotel. Now, it’s the time to have a fun tour to this opulent private space.  The mats of Madame and Monsieur are actually inlaid and tiled mosaics. You will also find a silver cast-iron tub which has a burnished effect. An antique crystal chandelier will enliven the charm of each furnishing in this bathroom. A pharmacy cabinet with a vintage accent gives a luxurious French design to the interior. When entering this space, we are only presented with the grandeur of a French palace hotel. The gleam of silver tones has enhanced the old-world elegance of the room.

An antique mirror which is placed behind the Candidate tub has its flair to reflect the vintage accent of the pharmacy cabinet. The tub filler of Etoile and also the burnished cast-iron tub are by Waterworks. Coated in Carrara marble and shining under an antique chandelier of the 19th century from the eleven-foot high ceiling, this Betty Lou Phillip’s master bath looks more shining with every single furnishing there. There are two washstands with double under mount sinks of Waterworks. The sinks have a smooth oval feature which fitted into the lavish Carrara marble countertops of the custom washstands. Each side under the marble top can be used as a towel rack with additional storage which is used to accommodate more towels. A space beneath the storage is used to place a woven basket. I guess that these items are used to place the dirty towels.

An exposed valve of thermostatic control with porcelain accents brings a period feel to the shower. The designer recommends a full moon size for the showerhead, an ample space and also multiple body sprays to create a truly grand shower.  We can see from the picture, the shower room is nestled in the corner spot of this private space precisely nearly the white toilet. This small space is bordered by high translucent glass doors. Go back to the tiled mosaic mats which are inlaid on the floor, those ornaments are inspired by a pair of napkin rings in silver tone.


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