Grand Bathroom Decor of a Spanish Revival Dwelling

bathroom shelves made of wood Grand Bathroom Decor of a Spanish Revival Dwelling

Black Spey bathtub Drummonds together with the silver standpipe have become the focal point in this spacious revival bathroom. Those two stunning items are placed in the hub of the space against the triple extended windows. White curtains offer some privacy to the inhabitants anytime needed. The skylight in the center of the ceiling supplies more daylight to the entire space.

Shower fixtures in this bath enhance the function which is arranged in vertical line. Those stunning stainless steel items are from the collection of Astaire by Newport Brass. They look so neat, clean and enticing in that way,” says Deirdre Doherty, the designer of this revival project. The lounging area in this spacious space is placed in front of the open shelves. A white chaise lounge is covered in soft material of Belgian linen that will ensure anyone’s comfort when sitting on its base.

The bathroom shelves behind the seat are intentionally designed to offer more and more function to this private space. This wooden item has two different areas where the upper part is open and the lower one is for the drawers. The storage can accommodate many items such as books, towels, iron baskets, clothes and also that classic radio. Some hooks are mounted to hang more towels, clothes or bathing coats.

The area where the washbasin installed has a symmetrical display with twin built-in storage. That white item is Syre Drummonds and paired with silver faucets of Newport Brass. The two open shelves flank the basin in the middle and can accommodate many items to avoid a clutter look. The niche over the wooden top is used to display some furnishings such as the wall mirror, side mirror, wall sconces, toiletries, aromatherapy chandeliers and also the transparent bottles and vase.

The lighting fixtures that illuminate this area are the Visual Comfort Luxe sconces in small size. The reflection of the Obsolete Vintage pendant gives an illusion of a symmetrical display with the two small sconces. A unique round mirror is mounted at the leftmost wall which is used as an additional item to complete the main wall mirror. The wall frames of the shower room are reminiscent the charm of an Asian touch that enriches the interior decor of this private space.


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