Graceful French Country Home Design

soft and light bathroom Graceful French Country Home Design

This cozy dwelling with French country home design emits a soft and light ambiance. The walls are painted in Old White of Farrow & Ball. The neutral color in this private space has the same muted tone as tiles of Moroccan Cross and Star by Ann Sacks. To offer some privacy to the users, the window is covered by curtains of Irina Sheer Cowtan & Tout in Sky and Ivory. The soft color of the curtains creates a harmonious look with the wall backdrop bath of this French country home design. An inlaid Indian cabinet from John Rosselli is placed precisely at the bathtub side. Its wooden surface has idyllic crop pattern in white that looks in contrast with the dark woodsy shade.

front gate with stone fence Graceful French Country Home Design

When we enter and exit from the front gate of this sophisticated French country home design, we will see a classic lighting fixture from This endearing Oliver wall lantern is mounted at one side of the front gate. It is mounted precisely over the dark brown pottery. Another side of the main gate is adorned by the addition of a bigger pottery in light brown. It is used to plant a huge cactus. I do really love the bold rustic touch of a French country home design with the addition of stone for the fence that surrounds the dwelling. The stone preserves its natural color that accentuating the country feels in this area.

appealing entryway Graceful French Country Home Design

The clients of this graceful French country home design already had the heraldic crest in the entryway. The bench in this area becomes the focal point since this seat is also placed in the hub of the space. It is coated in Dashwood and pillows in polka dot covers are in Brown Mu. Both of those endearing covers are from Madeline Weinrib. A huge wall art on the wall becomes the main backdrop that enlivening the final display of this space. This artistic ornament together with the bench has become the focal point in the entryway. A red carpet that covers the floor adds elegant value to the décor. This small area is illuminated by elegant lampshades by Charles Birdsong.


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