Gorgeous Window Treatment for Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Minimalist Bathroom Design with Dark Wooden Window Frame Gorgeous Window Treatment for Bathroom Decorating Ideas

In my opinion, the vertical shelf becomes an attractive piece in this minimalist bathroom. It stands there; at the corner spot in modest way creating a contrast look with the contemporary furnishings around it. Besides, it does not need additional element such as frame or glass to cover its surface. It just appears with the way it is and with its original flair. Moreover, this piece looks so harmonious with the minimalist picture window next to the tub. The window tries to create balance with the simple pieces around it like the tub and the vertical shelf as we have mentioned it before. Wooden frame in dark brown hue creates a variation to this neutral white room.

Modern Privacy Bathroom Decoration with Transculent Window Blinds Ideas Gorgeous Window Treatment for Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The lighting of the bulbs that are hung at the corner spot attracts our attention with their spiral formation. They look so cordial with the gray tile wall that emitting the industrial and contemporary accent. This private space uses translucent blind that still letting in the light to irradiate the space even when we close it. It is such kind of worthy choice when you pick this piece for your window treatment. To create a harmonizing display, you can choose a floating dressing table for the powder space. In this case, a marble top with a black element at the bottom part is chosen to emit lavish and modern look to space.

Decorative Small Round Window for Nautical Style Bathroom Gorgeous Window Treatment for Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The round frame of the window reminds us about Ship-style of a nautical decor. This chic window is installed at the top part of the wall. Thus, this piece allows the natural daylight to enter the space gracefully. Two wall sconces are added with a wall mirror in the middle to create a symmetrical look. Beneath the display, we can see an appealing vanity table with its minimalist design. It has a white vanity with an adorable chic design, a stainless steel faucet with a simple look and a stunning tile backsplash in a beige hue that becomes the background of this small spot. The table itself offers you functionality with some storage to accommodate your stuff and toiletries.


The pictures are taken from http://www.homestratosphere.com