Gorgeous Los Angeles Home with Symmetrical Display

master bedroom with rich patterns Gorgeous Los Angeles Home with Symmetrical Display

This article will still discuss about a fun trip in a Los Angeles home. Previously, we have seen some of rooms in this vibrant home. We can conclude that the designer has showcased a dramatic details and elegant looks for the home decorating ideas. Let’s take a look at the main bedroom of this lavish home. When we see this private room, we will automatically feel that the designer has intentionally accentuated rich patterns for the décor. Let’s mention the patterns in the room from the vintage floral, Schumacher stripes and graphics and also the idyllic pattern on the Bergamo rug; it is from Asmara. The green tone is by Benjamin Moore in Chamomile. We also see nesting tables with Asian touch which are placed nearby the window. The tables are custom-made products which are also done by the designer, Mary McDonald.

elegant dressing room Gorgeous Los Angeles Home with Symmetrical Display

The dressing room in this Los Angeles home is in glamorous red as a part of an ample walk-in-closet. This elegant room is placed in the master bedroom. The Regency mirror is surrounded by golden frames and it is hung from the ceiling with the chandelier chains. This idyllic item is from the 19th century. To bring a symmetrical look to the display, small wall sconces with three black lampshades are mounted at each side of the mirror. The table top is used to place many make up tools, photo frames and also two vases with beautiful roses. An armchair with rattan back is placed in a niche beneath the drawer. To accommodate more items, vertical drawers are installed and flanked the main drawer in the middle part.

girls bedroom in pastel Gorgeous Los Angeles Home with Symmetrical Display

The girl’s bedroom is the only room in pastel in the Los Angeles home. But wait, the accents in acid green have added a bold touch to this private space. In addition, this color also connects this space to the rest of this Los Angeles home. Peach Cooler is the color chosen to cover the walls’ surface by Benjamin Moore. A display showcases a balanced symmetrical look with a cupboard as the axis of the furnishings. Over the cupboard, there is an open rack which is used to place some decorative ornaments in Chinese accent. Glossy vases in green and armless chairs together with the bolsters have helped to create a good symmetrical look in this girl’s bedroom. We can conclude that most of the last three rooms that we have visited imply the use of symmetrical look for the display. Those are some of inspiring rooms in this Los Angeles home. Hope the ideas will inspire you in decorating your own home.


Source            :           www.housebeautiful.com