Gorgeous Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Inspire You

buerberry inspired kitchen decor Gorgeous Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Inspire You

Everyone would love the mix of the rustic with the lavish look of the top of the island which consists of white marble and wooden board. Gorgeous chairs with curvaceous backs are added at one of the edges of the island. They are covered by elegant upholstery in white. The only pattern in this culinary space is depicted by the tile backsplash of the kitchen. Its surface has a modest geometric pattern with the mix of grayish and white tones. A niche is created by the encounter of the chimney and also the kitchen stove. To have a neat array, the cabinets are arranged in an L-shaped line.

creamy off white dining space Gorgeous Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Inspire You

The two layers silver chandelier in this dining space truly exudes the vintage accent. This lighting fixture has some candle holders which surround the center axis. It illuminates the entire dining space in a stunning way. The top of the round table is covered by lovely white table cloth that enhances the neutral ambiance to this dining area. The wooden table is surrounded by elegant armless chairs which are covered by idyllic fabric with an intricate pattern. And to prettify the final look of this space, in the hub of the dining table, there is a chic striped vase in blue and white as a container of a beautiful bunch of orange blooms. At the leftmost of this open plan space is the area for the kitchen. An extended floor to ceiling cabinet is installed nearby the main entrance to store the glassware.

kitchen decorating ideas in blue and white Gorgeous Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Inspire You

Feel the subtle mix of blue and white in this cozy kitchen. The dashing island is topped with lavish white marble with a splash of natural texture in gray, while the wooden cabinetry by Farrow & Ball’s Down pipe grounds the otherwise of this all-in-white culinary space. The surface of the wood is painted in subtle green that brings color to the dominant white color. And to complete the display of the island, some captivating armless chairs are added. This kitchen is a part of a stunning house in Greenwich, Connecticut. Lee Ann Thornton is the talented designer of this project. Twin pendant lights of the Urban Electric Co are hung in the center of the space.


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