Gorgeous Dining Room Decor of Atlanta Home in Burst Orange

dining room with curved banquettes Gorgeous Dining Room Decor of Atlanta Home in Burst Orange

We would like to have a pleasing tour in stunning Atlanta home with expansive interiors in burst color of orange. Lovely banquettes that can be used to accommodate three people, those seating set completes the dining room décor. It also has appealing curved feature. Each set of the dining room decor was customized to conform the table’s round feature. The table offers an intimate and little bit different dining experience, says Douglas. The furniture in this dining room décor consists of Noella chair and dining table which were bought from South of Market. The drum light has an overscale size and this lighting fixture is customized with the fabric of Galbraith & Paul Fern. We still have more rooms in this Atlanta home that haven’t been discussed yet. We will continue the review on the next article.
The extended window with brown wooden frame allows the inhabitants to see the outside view through the glass element. This huge window is covered by an elegant curtain in light and dark brown. Some chic cushions are placed on the seating set in the dining room decor of this Atlanta home. The wall backdrops are painted in neutral white tone. I’m going to tell you additional information in case you need to buy any furnishings to complete your home interior décor. You can visit the web by writing southofmarket.biz. You can search on catalog menu to get things you need. When you click its column, you will see some of this stuff: chairs, lighting, lounge and rug that will complete your dining room décor.

dining room with a vintage letter o Gorgeous Dining Room Decor of Atlanta Home in Burst Orange

We can see the inspiring dining room decor thru another point to get whole views of its interiors. There is a niche in the middle of the wall with an overscale letter “O” that has the vintage touch. It is a storefront, in Paris. In this Atlanta home, the dining room décor is ornamented by a huge letter which is hung on the niche wall. It becomes the background that sets off this dining room decor. From this point of view, we can see that the round wooden table is surrounded by three banquettes. Its surface is painted in a dark brown shade that looks in contrast with the banquettes’ upholstery. I really like the smooth curvaceous feature of those banquettes’ legs. Moreover, the surfaces are engraved. Some chic cushions truly perfect their final appearance. Those are our reviews today about the Atlanta home’s dining room décor.


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