Gorgeous Bathroom Window Treatment Decorating Ideas

Rustic Bathroom With Nice Wooden Windows Treatment Gorgeous Bathroom Window Treatment Decorating Ideas

This bathroom has a lengthwise layout with additional shower room and dressing area. The focal point of this private space is its window that boldly irradiates the rustic accent. The massive sizes of the window and wall stone make the large bathtub look so small. To ease you in reaching any toiletries, you may install built-in shelves nearby the tub. You can choose a woody element for the shelving thus you will have a bolder rustic accent to space. Just make sure you choose good lighting to showcase each element in this space. As an example, this bathroom puts wall sconce and directional light for the lighting.

 Cozy White Bathroom Decor With Nice Windows Treatment Gorgeous Bathroom Window Treatment Decorating Ideas

Enjoy a pleasant bathing experience in your own private space. This bathtub truly answers your necessity with its sleek feature and smooth surface. It is also equipped with stainless steel tap in aa modern design that will ease you in controlling the supply of water anytime you need. The windows’ installation will please you in enjoying the unabated scenic garden view. They are arranged neatly and continuously to follow the feature of the bathroom layout. I also like with the massive dressing table that offers both function and beauty to space. Its huge size offers you more storage and drawers to keep your stuff and toiletries. And also, the ample mirror will favor you when you make up yourself there.

Comfortable Bathroom Ideas With Art Windows Treatment Gorgeous Bathroom Window Treatment Decorating Ideas

The stained window in this space will truly steal anyone’s attention with its appealing colors and motifs. It looks so bold among the neutral shade which is emitted by the soft white and beige hue. A stunning white bathtub is placed precisely near the window. They create such a good symmetrical look to this lengthwise space. If you need some entertainment while you’re bathing, just add wall mounted television which is mounted slightly higher thus you will have a comfy position when you lean on your head on the tub. Enhance the final look of your bathroom decor by placing a piece of natural beauty; a bunch of flowers in the corner spot.


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