Go Natural with Your Bathroom to Obtain Relaxing Feeling

Spacious and natural bathrooms are surely an interesting idea for some people. To create this kind of bathroom, people usually covered their bathrooms by utilizing light and soft tones. Also, they won’t forget to put natural decorations in some areas. It would be better if they are able to build a window or two to let the natural light and fresh air fill the room. Some adjustments like placing the fixtures in a floating position give a larger impression. This kind of adjustment is really effective indeed, especially for a small bathroom.

minimalist bathroom with natural decorations Go Natural with Your Bathroom to Obtain Relaxing Feeling

This bathroom is dominated by creamy colored accents and some pastel green tones are also added. There is an oval freestanding bathtub placed adjacent to the white-framed windows which are covered by the roller blind draperies. There is a shower box encircled with the transparent barriers and a floating toilet in the corners of the room. Double cloakroom sinks are placed on a long wooden floating countertop. There is a towel hanger made of metal mounted on the wall next to the countertop. A rectangular rug is set on the floor. A refreshing atmosphere can be enjoyed because of the contribution of the green plants. Actually, on the window sills, you can use them to add some chic ornaments. Besides that, placing the toiletries here is also possible.

 Go Natural with Your Bathroom to Obtain Relaxing Feeling

If the earlier presented bathroom is applying a natural bathroom in a minimalist style, then here is a natural bathroom in a rustic theme. The materials of each interior give you a feeling as if you were staying in a beautiful village that is surrounded by nature. There is a freestanding bathtub placed adjoining to the verdant wall covered by the artificial greenery whilst one set of the faucets are installed on the molding wall. Wood as the material of the hard flooring is really matching with a natural rustic theme indeed. There is a towel hanger mounted on the wall. There is a painting as one of these bathroom decorations arranged on the wall. Next to the bathtub, an unpolished wooden chair with a unique design is set on.


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