Glorious Bathroom Decoration with Red-Gold Combination

Bathroom Decoration with Red Gold Color Combination Glorious Bathroom Decoration with Red Gold Combination

An elegant bathroom surrounding by golden and red tones are shown in the picture above. Even though the size of the room is relatively small, because of these two colors, it looks so lavish and outstanding. The use of the appropriate lighting systems also has an important role.

In this room, there is a graceful drop-in tub which is coated with golden cultured marble. This tub is equipped with a minimalist faucet made of stainless metal. There is also a headrest, so when you are soaking in the tub, you can rest your head on this tool and enjoy your time with more comfortable feeling.

On the edge of the tub, there are four molding pillars which are white-colored. On each peak and toe of these pillars, gold-colored metal ornaments embellish them. Particularly in the peak parts, these ornaments are designed artistically and the designs are a bit complicated. Near the tub, there is an open storage mounted on the cream-colored marble. This storage is also sheathed with a white tint.

This bathroom has a golden-colored vanity. The drawers and cabinets provided get golden touches whilst the sink on the countertop is made of white pristine porcelain. On the sink, a golden faucet that has an elegant style has double functions. The primary function is for releasing out the water and the secondary function is as the decoration. On the countertop of this vanity, you can also place an ornament to make this room more beautiful.

On the wall above the vanity, there is a large mirror framed with wooden material which is painted by a golden hue. On the surfaces of each frame is decorated with the artistic designs. A toilet which is installed attaching to the wall is also provided in the same area. If you want to hang your towel, this room has a hanger which is mounted on the wall.

The artificial lighting systems in this room irradiate the golden and white colors that are used in this room. The artificial lights used are recessed lights and a wall sconce light. The recessed lights are placed on the white ceiling and they are surrounding the red-colored rectangular ceiling.


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