Glass Cabinet Doors for Stylish Kitchen Storage

upper glass doors Glass Cabinet Doors for Stylish Kitchen Storage

Glass cabinet doors and open shelves are great because they give the kitchen an airy and larger feel. This one has a nice and balanced design with a solid and compact glass door fronts unit for the upper modules. Another option for your stylish kitchen decor is textured glass which is embossed or molded to show all sorts of patterns. The technique used makes the glass stand out from the tactile and visual point of view. There are lots of choices that you can opt. For instance, rain glass is a nice choice but so is the pebbled, ribbed, beveled or grooved glass. Kitchen cabinet storage with this sort of glass fronts doesn’t usually show marks, fingerprints, and stains. They also hid any streaks so well. However, a downside a fact that such design can be outdated quickly.

frosted kitchen cabinet Glass Cabinet Doors for Stylish Kitchen Storage

You can alternate the use of solid cabinet and modules by using glass inserts like this stylish kitchen decor. The layout of the kitchen features an L-shaped design that utilizing the corner space in a good way. The intricate pattern of the kitchen backsplash just enlivens the kitchen decor in an idyllic way. The empty space in the hub is used to set the dining area. Here, the homeowners choose a rustic dining table with rectangular top and some armless chairs wit elegant upholstery. Back to the glass cabinet doors. Cabinet inserts have the ability to brighten up the kitchen and also to give it a fresh look and open feel.

wine storage bottles Glass Cabinet Doors for Stylish Kitchen Storage

A particularly captivating type of glass is seeded glass that has the vintage appeal that you can’t ignore easily. This glass type features small bubbles and has a handcrafted accent that gives it the old-fashioned charm that often defined cottage and vintage decors at the same time but which can also look graceful in traditional design. Then, there is also leaded glass that has a special type of appeal. It has the elegant look and it usually looks better in traditional decors with the artisanal look. Moreover, it can be stained and it can be found and bought in flea markets, salvage shops or thru specialty retailers. In applying glass cabinet doors for your kitchen storage, just keep in mind that you will have to keep the cabinets clean and well organized if you want them to be a good idea for a stylish kitchen decor.


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