Glamour Princess Bathroom Using Glitter Mirror Glass

Glamour Princess Bathroom Decorating Ideas Glamour Princess Bathroom Using Glitter Mirror Glass

If you have a bathroom like this, you will get the experience of being a princess. Each contour looks very elegant. The shower room which is separated and surrounded by glitter mirror glass can reflect the light so that can enhance the exposures in the bathroom. These reflected lights which sparkle in the entire areas of the bathroom bring out the splendor ambiance. A big drop-in bathtub which is near the window lets you enjoy the scenery outside.

A lot of parts in the bathroom, such as the wall, floor, ceiling, even bathtub use cultured marble as their materials. As we know, cultured marble is one of the best materials which can make your bathroom more glorious. Moreover, you also can put some aromatherapy candles on the artistic candle holders and place them on the edge of the bathtub. The aroma which is produced by these candles can soothe your body and mind when you enjoy your time soaking and cleansing your body in the bathtub. This calm feeling also helps you to get a good sleep and boosts your mood in the morning before you start your daily activities.

Furthermore, you can place some artificial lights such as recessed lightings which are installed in the ceiling. You also can put them to brighten up the shower room so that you can get enough exposures while showering. Besides that, to install some wall mounted lightings, which are near the glass vanity, increases the beauty of the bathroom. It is also useful for you because you can get an appropriate lighting while dressing up or applying makeup.

As an addition, you can also choose some flowers which have a combination of some bright colors, such as red, yellow, pink, and orange to present some natural decorations. The bright colors of the flowers give you a beautiful contrast with your bathroom. Even though you pick the artificial one, they can still help your bathroom to become livelier. To put an old photo on the dressing table is also a good idea, so you can feel nostalgic every time you sit or stand in front of the mirror.


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