Glamorous Manhattan Apartment Interior Design in Soothing Lavender

park avenue flat living room Glamorous Manhattan Apartment Interior Design in Soothing Lavender

Sikes, the designer of this project has implied so many patterns and colors for this glamorous Manhattan apartment interior design. He is a master at combining colors and patterns. His strategy was to play with scale. And if we haven’t paid more attention, this apartment looks like have countless patterns and colors throughout but in fact, three are only three types of patterns in this Manhattan apartment interior design; they are suzani, ikat, and chintz. Some patterns for the interiors are small and delicate while the rests are larger and more emphatic. Combining them in a good portion gives each room a depth. Just as with color, you will find a rhythm to the way each pattern is implied from room to room.

The foyer of the Manhattan apartment interior design has walls in solid blue with patterned wallpaper on the surface of the ceiling. The dining room is animated by that impressive chinoiserie wallpaper which has a beautiful look like a garden. But space is balanced by quieter spaces with a subtle pattern and solid walls. All in all, the interiors of this Manhattan apartment interior design are a bravura performance of matching and mixing. It is influenced by Sikes’ skills at his previous job. He was in the fashion world for many years and he became the senior director at the Banana Republic for approximately 15 years as a visual merchandiser. His occupation helped him to create the store and also window displays.

For the reason in the second paragraph, Sikes feels so comfortable in using colors, patterns and textures mixtures. In some ways, to create store display is to show off the customers the latest fashions. And it is obviously unlike designing a room. For this project, my client never requested such a tranquil retreat from it all, for example, a solid white for the bathroom. In every room, there is color and pattern including the kitchen and kids’ bedroom which have bright walls with cornflower blue. Sikes tone it down with some natural elements such as fiber rugs and bamboo furniture. If you pay more attention and look it closely, it truly makes sense but for if you don’t, the items are still delightful. Those are some inspirations from Sikes to his project, this glamorous Manhattan apartment interior design.


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