Fascinating Classic Bathroom Ideas

Great Classic Bathroom Ideas Fascinating Classic Bathroom Ideas

A combination color of white and black color can be a perfect idea to bring out the elegance of the bathroom. In this picture, you can see that there is a freestanding oval white bathtub on the black wooden floor. Near the bathtub, you can place the towels on the towel rack which is decorated with an antique white statue. For the shower room, you can use the paneled windows as the barrier. So, when you are showering, the water won’t be splashed out on the bathroom’s floor. The black color of the panels emphasizes the modern atmosphere.

Moreover, the shower room uses white color for the shower base and wall. The steam shower which is installed on the ceiling also makes the bathroom look more sophisticated. Two ventilations let the natural light get into the shower room. There are some recessed lightings which are planted on the grey-colored ceiling so you can get a sufficient lighting when you use this room.

Besides that, in the place near the bathtub, there are the window blinds that can also let you enjoy the outside view while you are soaking. If you use this type of the window, you can adjust the natural exposures which enter the bathroom. When you start to feel uncomfortable because the outside light is too bright, you can pull the string to close the window and use the room lights, or just set it into half-open position.

On the bathroom’s wall which is grey-colored, there is a white black photography. This kind of photography makes this bathroom feel classic and nostalgic. There are two doormats which are placed on the floor. One is near with the bathtub, and another mat is placed near the door of the shower room. These doormats are very important to keep the bathroom’s floor dry. You can wipe your feet using one of these doormats after you have showered or bathed. Because the towel rack is near to the bathtub, you can reach a towel to dry off yourself easily. Therefore, the floor won’t be wet because of the water from your feet or body.


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