Fantastic Natural Bathroom Design You Can Try

Modern natural bathroom design Fantastic Natural Bathroom Design You Can Try

A natural bathroom is designed by giving a few modern touches. Utilizing wood beams as a table and chairs is also a unique idea. With a transparent window which the size is amazingly large installed in this bathroom, let you gaze beautiful scenery outside. A freestanding tub is located slightly to the middle so that its shape and design exude the elegance. Some parts of the wall are made of natural stone. Two sinks with a bowl-shaped design and arched metal faucets are placed on the wooden countertops which are equipped with cabinets. Recessed lights brighten the bathroom, particularly in the vanity area.

Natural bathroom design Fantastic Natural Bathroom Design You Can Try


Some greenery plants are capable of bringing out the freshness to the bathroom. You need to find out more what kinds of plants that can live in the place which doesn’t get enough natural exposure. These plants help you to cast out the unpleasant smell that causes from the toilet. A window with the blinds on the stone wall lets the incoming light gets into the room and warms the air inside. An unvarnished wooden vanity still shows the strokes and it presents a rustic style. An under-mounted sink is installed on the countertop of the vanity. A light is assembled in the sink area so that the glow is radiated from below. A doormat near might be useful to be put on the floor close to the sink, so the water splashes which hit the floor can be minimized.

Natural bathroom design ideas Fantastic Natural Bathroom Design You Can Try

A long wooden countertop with two towel hangers made of stainless metal embellishes the bathroom. The upper wall is made of a set of rectangular-shaped stones that are neatly arranged whilst the bottom part is made of wooden material. A floor-to-ceiling translucent window located near a white marble built-in tub fills and make the room brighter. A shower box which is separated with translucent glass partition is an excellent idea to avoid our vision becomes hindered. Bonsai plants can be added as the decoration to beautify the room even more. The oxygen that is released by these plants let the room become fresher and cleaner. You can inhale a clean air every time you get into the bathroom.


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