Exquisite Modern Residence with Glass Facade Design Idea

Expanding an exquisite residence beyond the border of the rooms by using glass facade design idea is a popular idea especially in modern architectural design. The appearance of glass facade design idea was initially led by the pursuance to open up a home towards the natural landscape around it. In addition, it is done to ensure high-level transparency in a house. Besides, the glass facade usage will permit the natural daylight in irradiating the parts inside a house.

The technology gradual enhancement answers the major house demands as the security, sustainability needs, and acoustical performance. The glass facade design idea also serves the aesthetic purpose in a home construction and décor. This article will focus on the aesthetic aspect of glass facade design thru spectacular and exquisite modern residence. We hope that the idealists will triggers inspirations especially regarding your nearest or future project.

We have summarized some impressive residences in some different architectural approaches that showing a modern touch. The first impressing idea is by AR Design Studio that combines modern and classic style in a smooth way. The glass facade design idea permits anyone to see interior designs of this opulent residence. From the translucent element which is used, we can see the details from the outside include the dominant white backdrop and also open plan design with a large wooden deck.

Carver Schicketanz in Coastlands house Exquisite Modern Residence with Glass Facade Design Idea

Carver + Schicketanz accomplished the spectacular glass facade design idea of Coastlands House. The lavish residence was built in natural landscapes with panoramic views. The curving line of the glass element has a smooth feature that offers direct site views. It performs the rocky site with the lush vegetation in a natural way. Let’s move to the next inspiring project.

SAOTA Dakar Sow House Exquisite Modern Residence with Glass Facade Design Idea

It is SAOTA, a project that has been accomplished by Dakar Sow House with the cozy outdoor space. It has a lounge with lap pool. The facade glass design idea overlooking the scenic ocean views with the massive use of glass elements. The facade glass design and structure obviously showcases the open plan spaces in contemporary style inside the exquisite residence.

stunning north bay road residence with glass facade Exquisite Modern Residence with Glass Facade Design Idea

A North Bay Road Residence with scenic views of Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, Florida utilizes glass facade design idea for its outdoor swimming pool. The trick which is used boosts up an inspiring futuristic effect to the lavish residence. Those are some inspiring ideas of glass facade design that you can use as reference.


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