Excellent Bedroom Design Idea in Minimalist Display

feminine Bedroom Design Idea Excellent Bedroom Design Idea in Minimalist Display

In the case of bedroom design idea in the monochrome interior, you are permitted to play with some textures to create a chic result. Take a look at this stunning and subtle monochrome bedroom design idea. The floor surface is covered by large floor rug with a smooth material. A bed frame is in modest yet elegant with minimalist headboard. Each side of the bed is completed with nightstands. The functional tables have additional open storage under the tabletop. To illuminate the neutral bedroom, two mounted lamps are installed over the headboard in a parallel line with decorative ornaments. The corner area is used to place a floor to ceiling cupboard. Beneath the large window, there is an open storage to display many book collections.

bedroom design idea with big window Excellent Bedroom Design Idea in Minimalist Display

In decorating bedroom design idea, views become a crucial thing for the case. This personal room is actually is not quite large. It has a huge bed frame that almost fits with the space available and it only leaves small space left in the room. A floor to ceiling glass window with black frames truly permits the inhabitant to enjoy the natural touch of bamboo trees from the room. Over the bed, there is an artistic decorative item. A potted plant is added to the corner spot nearby the main door. The lighting fixtures are small table lamps on the nightstands. Exposed small beams on the pristine white ceiling create a contrast look to space.

wood bedroom decor Excellent Bedroom Design Idea in Minimalist Display

Bedroom design idea in a modern style usually has a restraint color palette and minimalist look. From the extended window with shade in this minimalist bedroom design idea, we can see a cozy outdoor lounge. The headboard is an extended wooden board which has the same color with the bed frame. Nightstands in pristine white color are used to place books under the tabletops. Chic table lamps bring an illumination to the personal room in a modest way. The floor looks elegant in dark shade and it creates a contrast look with the pristine white backdrop. Those are some inspirations of bedroom design idea to inspire you in decorating your own personal room.


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