Entrancing White Apartment Design Idea of a Renovated Project

warsaw White Apartment Design Idea Entrancing White Apartment Design Idea of a Renovated Project

Homeowners mostly choose the use of bright and neutral color for the home backdrop especially if the house is narrow and tight in sizes such as flat or apartment. For the reason, painting a dwelling, in this case, we will focus on white apartment design idea is one of the ways that you can do. By doing so, you can give more spacious effect to the occupancy. Nowadays, people tend to choose a minimalist design for their modern occupancy because the style is simple, modest, unique and stylish. The style has various forms in the simple, soothing, dynamic and sophistic way.

This stunning flat is our first inspiring white apartment design idea. It has opulent spaces with very stylish and sophisticated white apartment design idea. The modern property has been recently renovated. The minimalist apartment is dubbed as White& Water project. The occupancy was made for a young family. The project was developed by Warsaw-based architect as a collaboration work with Hola Design to perfect the flat interior designs. The building is located in the heart of Warsaw, Poland.

The simple and elegant property was intentionally designed to permit the homeowners in having relaxation and escape from the busy worlds after the working hours. Both the architect and designer of this white apartment design idea wanted this dwelling to be minimalist and simple in order to bring the relaxing and soothing feeling. They also wanted this enticing flat to serve as entertaining space to greet and welcome the guests.

With the criteria in mind, the designer and architect came up and start the project by creating a balanced and idyllic design. The white apartment design idea applies the implication of open floor concept to accommodate kitchen, living room, and dining area in the center of the space. The core space serves as focal point in the home. They designed the bedroom in black and white colors with brick walls that create a captivating accent to the private space. Relaxing and soothing is the ambiance exuded by the modern bathroom. The use of glass and stone emits both the contemporary and rustic feel to the private room.

All the rooms in this white apartment design idea are completed with sliding doors that create an open and airy feeling. The architect and designer of this project used classic materials. The furniture in this modern white apartment design idea is finished with lacquered l. oak and effect for the floor and wall. The massive use of white makes the occupancy feels spacious, airy and sophisticated.


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