Enticing Transparent Bathroom Ideas for Spending Your Precious Time

minimalist bathroom in all white accent Enticing Transparent Bathroom Ideas for Spending Your Precious Time

The sliding doors made of transparent glass are installed in this bathroom. From these transparent doors, a green park can be enjoyed while you are relaxing in the rectangular-shaped white freestanding bathtub. The natural light also can fill and warm the room.

Furthermore, a toilet room is located in the different area. It is hidden so that it can’t be seen directly from the outside. It is installed in a floating position. This toilet is also equipped with a roll of tissue paper which is hung on a metallic hanger mounted on the wall in the corner of this area. There is a fluffy doormat in a white color. There are flimsy white draperies installed on the glass wall in the toilet and the sliding doors in the soaking area. So, even these areas are covered by the draperies, the light can still come inside yet it won’t hurt your eyes because of its brightness.

transparent bathroom with skylight Enticing Transparent Bathroom Ideas for Spending Your Precious Time

This kind of bathroom gives a relaxing feeling once you step inside. Although the size is not too big, it looks roomy because the transparent partitions used. There is a drop-in bathtub installed attaching to the wall, adjoin a big window. Not only that. The shower douche hose is also provided in the same room. A hanger made of metal is installed on the wall so that you can put your towel on it when you want to take a bath or shower. The edges of the tub can be utilized to place the toiletries, such as the shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, facial foam, etc. The ceiling is wide-open because it is not blocked by the walls but the clear glass and makes a beautiful blue sky is clearly visible.

This bathroom has no ornaments. However, the greeneries, blue skies, and white clouds showed look like a painting. It is not surprising that you can feel the tranquility filling your minds. The installation of these glass barriers is even better than only putting a wall mural. Going minimalist doesn’t mean you should give up to design a dream bathroom as your desire all this time.


Source  :              www.architectureartdesigns.com