Enticing New York Bathroom Interior Decorating Ideas with Dramatic Details

chevron floor in a bathroom decorating ideas Enticing New York Bathroom Interior Decorating Ideas with Dramatic Details

Increasingly, attention is being focused on the bathroom interior decors. On matters of design, technology and architecture, as well as on its function and status as a revitalization place, as a private space to retreat and pause. In this modern bathroom in New York dwelling, we can find all the things we need to have a pleasing bathroom. A luminous bath with has a bold and dramatic detail. The surfaces and walls are made of glassy element but the real drama is created by the zig zag floor. That chevron pattern is composed of Thassos and Dark Emperador marble. The elements were customized and cut by Manhattan Renovations. This private space was designed by an ingenious designer, Alla Akimova. The pristine white tiles of Glassos in Vetro Bianco make the surfaces of the vanity and walls light in a beautiful way.

To optimize the function of a bathroom, Yota shower system is added, while towel bar of Tara is by Dornbracht. Those products offer health, intelligence and aesthetics in a complete package that help you to discover how is culturing life. The products offer customizable and individual solutions for your bathroom. They come to enrich your everyday rituals. Yota faucet Dornbracht echoes the smooth curvaceous feature of the sinks of Villeroy & Boch with its gentle curve. A bunch of white flowers in a vase can be added to a wooden tray to sweeten the display of this all-in-white spot. A mounted mirror with round feature completes the role of the extended wall mirror. The illumination of the daylight thru the window casement will evoke your spirit every morning.

The shower room is framed by translucent glass walls. This small space has completed a seat that offers you a convenient spot while you do your body scrub. A functional niche is built-in over the shower seat that eases you to reach anything you need. There are three open shelves which arranged in a vertical line. This installation was intentionally done to adjust the size of this cramped space. The shower is mounted on the shelves in a higher position. In the shower room, the chevron floor is still continued with the white floor as the border that separates this space with the dressing area.


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