Enticing Bedroom Interior Design to Bring a New Atmosphere

Bedroom Interior Design Enticing Bedroom Interior Design to Bring a New Atmosphere

In decorating your bedroom interior design, sometimes you just want to create a bold statement by using colors. You may opt for an unusual design like the example below. The bedroom is large enough with an elegant look of the wooden floor. The dark shade with glossy surface enhances graceful ambiance to the entire space of this personal room. The dark woodsy tone looks so contrast with the wall backdrop in subtle beige and also the ceiling in pristine white color. It will not be such a big matter when you have a spacious bedroom interior design, but if your space is quite tight, you use the fold down bed and built in furniture.

The space nearby the window is used to set the home office or workspace. It appears in a modest way with only two items there i.e. a white desk and an armless chair. The desk has a slim and thin feature with some functional colors in fresh green. The chair also appears in minimalist style with a slim feature. They fit with the empty corner space nearby the window. The workspace was intentionally placed nearby the window to get sufficient daylight illumination, especially at daytime. The windows look so elegant with their extended features that fulfill the end wall. They are covered by translucent sheers and dark curtains. Let’s see more details in this bedroom interior design.

The shelves in this personal room are so extraordinary with their unusual design and feature. They are mounted on the wall with nightstands on  floor. Some potted flowers are added on the mounted shelves to adorn the bedroom interior design and display. The left corner wall is used to install an extended open cabinet. It has some storage to place the inhabitant’s stuff and items. Some decorative ornaments will be perfect to be displayed on this functional cabinet. The bed frame in subtle hue comes with its unusual feature. When we sleep there, it feels like we are cocooned and embraced by the bed. Some stylish lighting fixtures complete the function of this personal room. Some of them are ceiling lamps while the rests are mounted lamps and table lamps.


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