Enticing Artistic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Artistical Bathroom Decorating Ideas Enticing Artistic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

This bathroom has mosaic patterns for its decorations. Not only the wall but also the floor is also decorated with these patterns. As you can see, the tendril drawing of the mosaic patterns embellishes the bathroom’s floor. This drawing also is in the shower room, precisely on the built-in seat. These mosaic patterns present an atmosphere which is more classical and artistic. Plus, the natural lightings from many windows make these patterns more outstanding.

This bathroom is equipped with many fixtures such as the freestanding bathtub, big cupboard, artistic vanity, shower room, and some artificial lights. A freestanding bathtub is placed close to the window which is covered by pinch pleat draperies. These draperies have a function to decrease the radiance that enters to the room so that it won’t be too bright. Also, the pinch pleat model of the draperies gives a vintage nuance to the room. In the shower room, there are also two arch windows that can brighten up this area.

Moreover, there is a vanity that has blue color cultured marble as the countertop. A wall decor in front of the vanity is also blue. Overall, these combinations of the colors are matching perfectly with the white colors which coat the cabinets under the countertop. Some accessories that have golden colors such the candle holder make the room more elegant. In these small cabinets, you can also store your private things which are small-sized safely. If you need to save any stuff which has bigger sizes, you can place them into the big cupboard instead. This cupboard has some drawers so that you can utilize the spaces and put your stuff separately. For the example, you can put some of your clothes, so you wear them directly after took a bath. Therefore, you can be ready when you exit from the bathroom. Or, you can place some new towels in there. So, when you feel that you need to change your towel for the new one, you can take it without having to exit.

This bathroom also can get enough exposures even in the night. It is because this room doesn’t only depend on natural lighting system from the windows. It is also equipped with some recessed lightings and a chandelier that can make this room luminous.


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