Enthralling Kitchen Interior Ideas and Designs to Inspire You

california kitchen interior decor Enthralling Kitchen Interior Ideas and Designs to Inspire You

Annette English, the designer of this stunning kitchen revamped the rooms’ rabbit warren into an expansive culinary space. She realized her idea on the 1937s house which has a captivating traditional style. Then, she pushed the decor forward with the addition of some eye-catching elements such as the faceted lighting fixture from Reborn Antique. The pendant lamp is hung precisely in the hub of the space. To prettify the look of this traditional kitchen, some patterns are added such as what we see on the surface of the kitchen back splash and wallpaper. The simple motif of four petals flowers animates the minimalist look of the kitchen decor. Then, herringbone pattern also adorns the surface of the beige floor.

updated victorian kitchen decor Enthralling Kitchen Interior Ideas and Designs to Inspire You

The shabby woodsy hue in pale brown is accentuated by the gallant island which is placed in the center of the space. The surface of the wood still preserves its natural texture and hue that enrich the rustic accent of the item. The decor of the kitchen utilizes the charm of the updated Victorian style. This kitchen is a part of a Victorian home which is located in San Francisco, California.  At the corner of the wall, we can see a functional built-in storage with rolling door. Besides saving the space available, this kind of installation avoids any clutter or cramped look to the kitchen decor. And to decorate the look of your empty wall, you can mount some wooden racks to display your collections of glassware, plates, teapots on the surfaces. Artistic paintings or photographs also can be attached to the surface of the walls.

stunning kitchen interior with muted palette Enthralling Kitchen Interior Ideas and Designs to Inspire You

I like the pattern of bee hive of the carpet that covers the surface of the wooden floor. And the more interesting thing about the item is that it doesn’t cover all the surface of the floor but just partially. SuzAnn Kletzien, the designer of this stunning kitchen transformed this space with the addition of new fixtures. Then, she mixed the decor with metals and unified the space in white and gray plus some hint of brass. Globular pendant lamps with double layers of translucent glass and white bulbs illuminate this culinary space in a magnificent way. They are hung over the island of the existing peninsula.


Source            :           www.housebeautiful.com

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