Enthralling Kitchen Ideas and Designs That Will Captivate You

small white kitchen decorating ideas Enthralling Kitchen Ideas and Designs That Will Captivate You

Oak floors in pale woodsy hue have a polished hue, while the plank cabinetry with black latches and hinges bring the old-time enchantment to this Florida kitchen. To top the kitchen island and counters, the homeowner and architect picked butcher block for its informality and warmth which is offered by this stunning item. The woodsy hue and glossy surface of the butcher blocks enhance the rustic accent to the décor of the kitchen. The barstools try to bring style to the display of the island with the chic wooden base which is supported by jaunty black irons. A fan which is hung over the island comes with the dark brownish shade that strengthens the feel of the old-time to the décor.

green kicthen decorating theme Enthralling Kitchen Ideas and Designs That Will Captivate You

Gideon Mendelson, the creative designer of this stunning kitchen accentuates the look of the ceiling with something extraordinary. Thus, he decorates the plain ceiling with the plaid gingham in green and white. Gingham is cotton cloth of lightweight-plain woven which is typically checked in a bold color and mixed with white. The look of the ceiling brings a classic accent to the white kitchen décor. The colors on the gingham ceiling, in addition, give some major personality that brings the high ceilings to down to reach a more comfortable space. Some decorative plates are mounted over the wall niche which is used to place the kitchen stove.

green kitchen with decorative lighting Enthralling Kitchen Ideas and Designs That Will Captivate You

Craig Kettles, the homeowner of this modest kitchen has painted his culinary space in green. His main purpose is to merge the kitchen into its natural surroundings. The home is located on a lake which is surrounded by trees, and the way to connect this space to the outdoor is by accentuating the charm of green color to the décor. One of the wooden cabinetry has a function as a partition which is placed in the middle of the space. It has some open storage and drawers that can be used to store some plates, trays, and glasses. The prominent white wall is the space of another cabinetry with the addition of two wall sconces.


Source:     www.housebeautiful.com