Enthralling Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas to Influence You

butter yellow bedroom in a vacation house Enthralling Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas to Influence You

Kathleen Rivers, the designer of this stunning bedroom decorated this private space in rustic style. This room is a part of a stunning vacation home which is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in North California. The clapboard walls are painted in pale yellow that exude a soothing ambiance to the entire space. The color of the paint if Hepplewhite Ivory of Benjamin Moore. This spacious master bedroom has conjured its charm of sunny weather. The surfaces of the headboard and bed frame’s foot are upholstered by pretty plaid fabric in subtle beige and white. The mix of the subtle colors blends effortlessly with the color of the wooden frame. The console table is coupled with a stunning armless chair. The top of the table is adorned by a bunch of white flowers on a translucent vase.

pink and orange bedroom decor 1 Enthralling Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas to Influence You

This master bedroom strongly depicts the charm of retro feel to the décor. Mona Ross Berman is the talented designer of this project. With the touches of lavender, pink and tangerine of color palette, the Missoni-esque of zigzag pattern on the floor and also the paisley linen have highlighted the retro style to this private space. All the surface of the floor walls and ceiling are painted in pristine white colors that emit a clean and bright look with splash of rich colors. A stool with crossing legs is placed in front of the foot of the bed frame. The surface of the headboard is coated by endearing fabric in bold pink. The window installations are set precisely above the headboard.  An ottoman pouf is placed on the floor which has a similar feature like pumpkin.

teal bedroom decor Enthralling Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas to Influence You

This guest room gives a stunning example of an interior décor of big color that looks perfect in a small space. Newburg Green of Benjamin Moore covers the surface of the walls of this stunning bungalow in Los Angeles. The color has its flair to play off fabrics in appealing colors of hot tropical. Moises Esquenazi, the designer of this room says that dark colors don’t necessarily always make a room look smaller. In addition, the designer doesn’t mind if a bedroom feels small since this space is mainly used to sleep. Why should it not be sensual, dark and moody? It is really a kind of tranquil sanctuary.


Source            :           http://www.decoist.com

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