Enthralling Bathroom Decorating Ideas that Will Influence You

bathroom decor in sky blue paint Enthralling Bathroom Decorating Ideas that Will Influence You

Paint brings a significant impact to the décor of this tranquil bathroom. The color of sky blue that embraces the surface of the wall gives this narrow space the depth of sky and sea. Sally Markham, the designer of this space picked a gloss finish to absorb the lantern or sunshine light. At end wall of this space, a vertical window with white wooden frames is installed over the bathroom sink. The top of the sink is a square marble with intricate natural texture in gray. Nearby this spot is the space of the powder table. It has a stunning rectangular wall mirror with translucent frame. The table is adorned by a chic vase with pinkish blooms.

elegant bathroom decor in deep blue Enthralling Bathroom Decorating Ideas that Will Influence You

Deep blue paint that covers the surface of the wall of this cozy bathroom brings a pop of modern color to the décor. It is Polo Blue of Benjamin Moore that brings the touch of modern pop to this stunning historic home. The farmhouse sink in white in this guest bathroom creates a contrast look with the dark shade of the deep blue. Initially, this Charleston home’s is a kitchen house. The elegant wall mirror is flanked by two vertical wall sconces. Nearby the bathroom of the sink, there is a towel holder in gold that bring a plush look to the décor. The woodsy hue is emitted by the ceiling and the floor that flanked the Polo Blue wall for the visual dimension.

idyllic spring green wallpaper of a bathroom decor Enthralling Bathroom Decorating Ideas that Will Influence You

Idyllic wallpaper with the charm of Reverse Green pattern has brought charm to the decor of this guest bath. This bathroom belongs to a talented designer, Kathryn M. Ireland; this private space is a part of her cozy Cape Cod getaway. Nearby the white tub, there is a gallant slipper chair which is coated in Roses linen in Red. Some towels are placed on the surface of this stunning seat. A chic stainless steel towel is mounted on the wall. The size of the tub fits with the niche which is intentionally created for this stunning item. The corner spot is the space for the window installation that emitting the enchantment of white wooden frames.


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