Endearing Wall Art to Decorate the Look of Your Plain Wall

remarkable Cupcake and Thumbtack Wall Art Design in White Wall Room Endearing Wall Art to Decorate the Look of Your Plain Wall

Let us adorn the pale look of your blank wall. You don’t need to think about something difficult and complicated things to decorate the surface of your plain wall. We can start from the simplest one which uses the accessible materials surround your home. You can use cupcake wrappers, paper towel roll, potato and also yoghurt cup. Our first idea is the cupcake wrapper and thumbtack wall art design that will inspire you to decorate your interior. Take a look at this idyllic example; the arrays of the white cupcake wrappers seem like creating the petals of flowers. They seem like flown away by the wind. A cushioned sofa which is coated in dark blue velvet cover adds contrast to this neutral white room.

Enchanting Paint and Tape Wall Art Design in Soft Color Combination Endearing Wall Art to Decorate the Look of Your Plain Wall

Another idea is the enchanting paint and tape wall art to adorn the display of your blank wall. This DIY project is made by sticking tape with the accent of paint color. You can detach the tape after its surface get colored, then you will see the captivating effect. This example uses the charm of soft hues in light gray, bold gray and white for the main part of the wall art. Then, it is framed by subtle green color which surrounds it. You can mix and match other colors which fit with your personal taste. Don’t limit your creativity in creating any DIY projects. You can place this stunning wall art in any décor of your home whether in the living room, family room or in the dining room.

Exciting Gray and Red Geometric Painting Endearing Wall Art to Decorate the Look of Your Plain Wall

This modest yet contemporary dining room is prettified by the idyllic wall art at end of the wall. The artwork is dominated by the use of geometric pattern in red and gray. It has a quite big size which is almost similar with the width of the dining table. The color mix of the artwork is dominated by the vibrant red with splash touch of gray which is added sporadically. A quite huge piece is painted the corner part of the artwork, while the rests are in the middle of the artwork. This dining room is painted in dominant color of light gray so that the addition of the geometric painting adds the focal point to this space.

Source            :           www.decoist.com