Endearing Pallet Rack Designs for Great Recycling

stunning pallet coat rack Endearing Pallet Rack Designs for Great Recycling

The pallet is one of the most popular and versatile pieces which is used in any DIY projects. It allows you to create attractive ranges of objects including decorations, furniture pieces, and also storage containers. Today, we are going to focus on discussing a specific type of object i.e. racks. It includes wine racks, hangers, plate racks, shoe racks and some more designs. Stay read this article and get inspired. You need to secure everything with sand, wood screws and stain the wood. Let’s start to make the coat rack as our first endearing pallet rack design.

A coat rack of a pallet is a very easy item to make. Actually, you only need a piece of wood. To have smooth surface, sand it a little then cut it to your desired dimensions. After that, add some hooks to help you to attach the hanger. Don’t forget to add hardware to attach this item to the wall and you will get a stunning coat rack for your entryway or hallway. Alternatively, you can change the hooks with some doorknobs which seem so great to hang purses and bags.

stunning pallet pot rack Endearing Pallet Rack Designs for Great Recycling

A pot rack of a pallet is the next inspiring pallet rack designs that will be so useful in a kitchen. To make your own DIY project of this item, you have to prepare wire, a pallet, wire coat hangers, staples, heavy chain, hooks, hook bolts and washers. Cut the pallet in a half or on your desired size. Then, remove its middle bar, measure and cut a chicken wire piece that fits across the pallet. Next, staple the wire in place, then replace the middle bar. After that, cut the top of the wire hanger off, and then form a hook at an end of each piece. By using a hammer and some nails, just secure the chain length onto each side of your pallet. Hang the pot rack on your kitchen wall. And here it is one of the inspiring pallet rack designs for you.

Just pick one which fits with your personal desire and start to make those pallet rack designs by you. Just allow us to know after you have accomplished your DIY project.


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