Endearing Living Room Decor in Dynamic Blues

dynamic blues living room decor Endearing Living Room Decor in Dynamic Blues

Mark D. Sikes intentionally chose pops of black for this dynamic blues living room décor. This cozy blue-obsessed house has a modernity feeling to its living room décor. An Alexa Hampton for the stunning Hickory Chair sofa is coated in Schumacher’s Kaya Medallion. The lighting fixtures consist of table lamps and shades from Irving & Morrison. This blue-obsessed home is in blue and white as the signature colors of the designer. He was nine years old when realizing that blue was his favorite color. His first bedroom was navy, says this talented California designer. When he and his family moved, his parents let him to decorate his own personal room. Thus, he chose chocolate brown and soon he realized that he had made a mistake. He told his mom, I hate this and I prefer blue again!

Nice Blue And White Living Room Theme Endearing Living Room Decor in Dynamic Blues

Since then, this talented designer has been true to blue with its signature partner i.e. white. Moreover, most of his wardrobe reflects an obvious affinity for it. Back to our main topic with the dynamic blues living room décor in this California house. You can feel the final results of blue and white palette are super dreamy. Let’s step in to the entryway. In this very first face room in any home, Sikes added an intimacy feeling to this graceful two-story entry and piled on the patterns. There is rich pattern in this high-ceiling space from the bamboo pattern China Seas wallpaper to the captivating rug of striped Elizabeth Eakins. Lancaster chandelier of Visual Comfort has subtle blue shades by Fermoie.

Comfortable Living Space With Blue And White Decorating Theme Endearing Living Room Decor in Dynamic Blues

In the blues living room décor, a symmetrical display becomes the main background in the the seating area. The fireplace mantel is used to display some decorative ornaments include the round mirror, blue glasses and also a vase. The fireplace is flanked by floor to ceiling windows with those lovely blue white curtains. A coffee table with thin table top is placed in the hub of the space with a bunch of beautiful pink flowers. I do really like the wooden cupboard which has an old-fashioned look. Its shabby surface showcases a rustic and classic look between this subtle blues living room décor.


Source            :      www.housebeautiful.com