Endearing Bathroom Decor with Shabby Rug and Bold Wallpaper

bathroom decorating ideas with real rug Endearing Bathroom Decor with Shabby Rug and Bold Wallpaper

Instead of a bath mat, Mary Watkins Wood, a talented designer decided to lay down a rug on the surface of the wood floor. This elegant bathroom is one of stunning rooms in a California house. Carpets are intentionally made to withstand much more wear than the occasional wet feet. Moreover, I do really like the shabby look of the rug with some sporadic touches of cream-colored.

A cozy lounge is set in a slant layout faces the elegant bathtub. It consists of a stunning armchair with pinkish upholstery. The single seating is coupled with an enticing side table with Asian accent; this item is painted in pristine white color. You can enjoy a hot coffee or tea on cup while you soak your body on the sleek tub.

The window treatments with white frames become the main background of the tub together with the cream-colored roman shade. A translucent vase as the container of an idyllic pinkish flower is placed on the edge of the window. You can also see another decorative painting which is leaned on the window frame.

The tub looks so elegant with the dark blue tone for its outer surface and pristine white color for its inner surface. A stainless steel faucet is added to optimize the function of the tub. In this stunning bathroom, we can see a balanced symmetrical display which is created by the tub and wooden coat hooks with the tub in the middle and the hooks that flank it.

bold wallpaper bathroom decorating ideas Endearing Bathroom Decor with Shabby Rug and Bold Wallpaper

Let’s move to another inspiring bathroom. This private has a stunning powder room with bold wallpaper. The talented designer of this project, Mona Ross Berman states that she does not believe in many rules but she does love the idea that an enticing powder room should always have personality loads. This small space is a part of a beach house which is located in New Jersey. The designer and the clients took turquoise for the wallpaper as far as the tone could go in this one cozy niche. Berman mentions that a powder is a place where anyone can adorn the lily. She together with the clients used a loud geometric pattern in vibrant ocean blue to give this space a little over-the-top feeling.


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