Elegant Classical Bathroom with Golden Decorative Wall

Elegant Bathroom with Golden Decorative Wall Elegant Classical Bathroom with Golden Decorative Wall

A bathroom with a classic atmosphere yet able to present an elegant aura is always desired by many people. They want to utilize their leisure time which is precious to enjoy this kind of experience and rejuvenate their energy after undergoing a hectic life. Therefore, the design of the bathroom in the picture above would be suited to fulfill your expectation.

As you can see, the luxury can be shined out from this bathroom. This bathroom has a built-in bathtub which is equipped with a golden faucet that looks like a floral shape. There are two drapes dangling down and covering the side walls of the tub elegantly. The wall whereby the bathtub attaches is also decorated by the shape of golden-colored foliage leaves. There is also a lamp on the edge of the tub to brighten up this soaking area and accentuate the fixture wall. Meanwhile, a lovely carpet spans and embellishes the white floor. In this room, there is a unique chair with a comfy pad near the tub so that you can always relax sitting on this chair after or before cleaning your body.

Even though the under countertop isn’t equipped with some cabinets or drawers, the design of the countertop is pretty amazing. There are two artistic pedestals to support the countertop. This area is surrounded by the exposures which come from the wall sconces installed on the both sides of the mirror. So, when you dress up in front of this mirror, you can do it with a sufficient lighting. Moreover, there is an additional lighting from the table lamp which is placed on the side table near the entrance.

Furthermore, there is a table which is covered by a table cloth that has a pattern like a leopard’s skin. On this table, you can put some ornaments, such as some flowers in the vase. Or maybe, you want to put a teapot, cup, and book on this table. So, after you finished soaking in the tub and cleaning the dirt from your body, you can relax for a moment and take a sip a cup of tea while reading your favorite book.


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