Elegant and Classic Bathroom with Metal Decorations

Classic Bathroom with Metal Decorations Elegant and Classic Bathroom with Metal Decorations

Having a small space of the bathroom doesn’t mean that you can’t put all of your ideas and creativities to make it luxurious. One of many ways that you can take into consideration is by using metals as your material fixtures. Metals can make a change to the atmosphere of the bathroom. These materials have the ability to turn the ordinary and uninteresting bathroom into the great and sophisticated bathroom that you ever see even though it isn’t equipped too many decorations.

Like you see in the picture above, these bathroom decorations are so simple but it still looks elegant. It only has three artificial lightings, two wall-mounted lightings which are placed on the side of the mirror and near the door; plus, a pendant lamp which is shaped like a lantern that is installed on the upper edge of the mirror so that you can get a sufficient exposure in this area when you apply your makeup. Moreover, this bathroom also has a natural lighting from a big window. Near this window, you can place a claw-foot bathtub. So, you can enjoy the view outside while relaxing and soaking in the bathtub. This claw-foot model can also give a classic and vintage atmosphere because of its unique shape. Also, the black color on the outside part of the bathtub presents an elegant ambiance and it is matching with metal materials.

Furthermore, in choosing metal materials for the bathroom fixtures, you need to search some information so that you can know which one metal is stainless. This is very important for you to know because the bathroom always contacts with water. The water splashes can make your fixtures corroded and moldy easily. If you don’t want this problem haunting you in the future, you should make your choices carefully. In this picture, there is one metal vanity that has a gradation of some brown colors. It is very chic with two brown metal faucets which are planted in the marble wall with color shaded. The golden brown colors of the pipelines are also harmonious with the vanity and faucets. By choosing brown color metals, your bathroom looks elegant yet so natural.


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