Dreamy Parlor Designs Influencing You in Decorating Your Own

Stunning Living Room Decor With Beautiful White Curtains Dreamy Parlor Designs Influencing You in Decorating Your Own

The sheer curtains of this stunning room match with the color of the wall backdrop in Floral White of Benjamin Moore. This parlor is a part of a brand-new home in Southern. Linen velvet in Rogers & Goffigon’s Cervo that covers the sofa anchors the space in an elegant way. The fabric of Collobrieres-Croisé from Pierre Frey covers the club chairs in a vintage style. The table of English games from the 19th century is coated by B.Berger fabric. Some antique wooden armchairs with elegant upholstery surround the display of the games table. Michelle Prentice, the designer of this superb living room added sisal rug of Stark that accentuates Greek-key pattern.

Small Living Room With Decorative Fireplace Dreamy Parlor Designs Influencing You in Decorating Your Own

The pink marble of the fireplace mantel has an antique touch that brings a bold architectural accent to this living room. This room is a part of a small cottage which is nestled in Texas. Mackay Boynton as the designer of this project revitalized a stunning item of an antique chair with an elegant brown velvet from Silk Trading Co. The pillows are revitalized too with a Kravet velvet in green. They create a contrast display to the sisal rug. The corner spot is a space for the home office with a modest desk and stool. the table has unique legs that support the thin and translucent table top, while the stool has a cushioned base with velvet green upholstery.

Great Parlor Interior Design Ideas Dreamy Parlor Designs Influencing You in Decorating Your Own

The shades offer some privacy to this family room. Moreover, the functional items help the inhabitants to control the daylight that irradiates the space. In this case, the designer, Lindsey Coral Harper says that she rarely uses red for her home décor. Thus, she tried to use hints of red to decorate the tassels that pipe the edge of the armchairs. The rug has a vintage accent of zebra leather with the identical mottled pattern. The corner wall is used to place an open cabinet which is utilized to store some collection of books. The bold blue sofa is nestled precisely under the window with some chic cushions that adorn the final look of the seat.